Important Announcement for 24th Annual International Contest on March 1st to 3rd, 2024

7 Good Reasons to Register Your Child in a Math Contest!

Held globally, Spirit of Math® International Contest gives students from grades 1 to 4 the opportunity to prepare, apply, and showcase their knowledge on a grand stage. The contest provides an opportunity for students to have fun and to develop their mathematical problem-solving abilities.

Specially designed for grades 1 to 4, here are 7 excellent reasons to register your child to a Math contest.

  1. Math contests expose high-performing students challenging questions they may not normally be exposed to;
  2. Standardized tests are often easy for high-performing students, and only compare them to students in a relatively small geographical area. International math contests allow students to compare themselves to other students around the world, giving them the opportunity to evaluate themselves against a global community;
  3. Similar to sports tournaments or musical recitals, contests are a great way to spark an interest in mathematics;
  4. Math contest scores can be used on resumes and university or college application. There is even the chance to make it on the National Honour Roll for top scores!
  5. These contests will boost your high-performing child’s motivation and confidence in their math abilities. Certificates are given to those who participate and place on the National Honour roll, along with medals for students who receive a perfect score;
  6. High-performing students love math contests as they give them a chance to prove themselves among their international peers;
  7. International contests are written with questions to appeal to students all over the world. This contest will allow your child to be exposed to ideas from around the world that they may not regularly get.

There is still time for you to register for the Spirit of Math International Contest!