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8 Skills to Practice Before an International Math Olympiad or Math Contest

There are over five million Canadian primary school students and these students have one of the best mathematics educations in the world. In fact, out of 195 countries, Canada ranks as the sixth-best for public education in math, reading, and science.  If your child is studying math in Canada, they will have great opportunities to thrive […]

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What Is the International Math Contest and How Do I Participate?

When tested for math capabilities, Canada ranks 6th while the U.S. ranks 39th out of 70 countries. That’s not ideal for the U.S. If you’re following the math, that means the U.S. is in the bottom half. So what can we do about it? Enrolling students in math enrichment programs like Spirit of Math (SoM) […]

Stanford University’s SMILE and Spirit of Math partner to host 21st International Math Contest
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How to Deliver Math Contest Results to Your Children Effectively and Tactfully

The purpose of the Spirit of Math International Contest is for students to have an enjoyable experience and learn how to write a mathematics contest.

Registration Deadline Extended to February 18, 2019!

REGISTER BEFORE FEBRUARY 18, 2019! Spirit of Math is now also offering the Spirit of Math International Contest to Non-Spirit of Math students at many of our locations, scheduled to take place on March 1, 2019. If your child has friends at their day school who may be interested in writing the SoM contest, they will […]

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